Virtual academic reality for 2021
A marketing and business perspective
8th - 9th April 2021. - Bosnia and Herzegovina & UK



The Centre for International Research in Consumers, Locations and Environments (CIRCLE) is a cross-faculty, pan University research centre initially created at Leeds Metropolitan University.

CIRCLE was created in 2003 as a virtual group of researchers within Hospitality & Retailing subject group, Leeds Business School and Innovation North. Today each university has its own CIRCLE which feeds into CIRCLE International and is based across 80 universities across the world.

It hosts an annual conference at differing venues throughout Europe amongst its 80 partner institutions.

CIRCLE International is under the direction of Prof Claudio Vignali who is the President Emeritus. Each year a president is elected from the management committee to develop the conference details.

CIRCLE International disseminates research results to both practitioner and academic audiences, is the home for the International Journal of Management Cases and provides staff experts who speak on retail and consumer issues to both business and consumer media.

CIRCLE International also provides an independent virtual college of learning.

For additional information please visit CIRCLE website at: www.circleinternational.co.uk ​

Keynote speakers

Philip J. Kitchen, PhD

Professor of Marketing, ICN-Artem School of Business, Nancy, France. Emeritus Professor  University of Salford, UK and Brock University, Canada.  Editor - Journal of Marketing Communications and Founder of the International Conference on Corporate and Marketing Communications (held annually since 1996).  Has served as guest editor for the European Journal of Marketing formerly.  Published over 200 papers in journals including Journal of Business Research, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Advertising Research, International Journal of Advertising, International Journal of Human Resource Management among others, together with 20 published books on marketing communications, corporate communications, marketing management and marketing theory.  Listed as one of the 'The Top 50 Gurus who …influenced the Future of Marketing', Marketing Business, December 2003, 12-16. Listed as 6th in terms of ‘Top Scholarly Output’ in UK and all of Europe (2017-2020), Scival Elsevier, 2020. Fellow of CIM, RSA, HEA, IOD; and Member of the ALCS and Institute of Marketing Science (USA). He was keynote speaker at the Italian Institute of Management Conference in Rome, July 2019, the University of Salford, UK, also in 2019; and at Cranfield University in 2020.

All accepted abstracts will be published in the Book of Abstracts (with an ISBN number)


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