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1. In the Rules of study (PhD International Business Administration), course: International Business Administration (click here for more details) you can find all necessary information such as:

  • General regulations (Article 1. – 3.)
  • Educational outcomes of PhD study (Article 4. – 8.)
  • Organization of PhD study (Article 9. – 18.)
  • Structure of PhD study (Article 19. – 22.)
  • Curriculum (Article 23. – 26.)
  • Examination and evaluation of students (Article 27. – 37.)
  • PhD thesis; mentor, application of PhD thesis, writing and presentation of thesis (Article 38. – 63.)
  • Enrolment to PhD study – who can apply (I year) (Article 63. – 70.)
  • Enrolment to 2nd and 3rd year of study (Article 71. – 78.)
  • Equipment necessary for PhD study on the principle of Distance Learning (Article 79.)
  • Costs of study – payment of study (Article 80. – 83.)

2. Diploma will be issued also in English language with the title: Doctor of Science (Ph.D.), International Business Administration
3. Cost of studying is to be determined at the begining of school year 2015/2016. Payment is made at the beginning of each school year.
4. Duration of study is 3 years or 6 semesters.
5. By the curriculum for PhD study (CLICK HERE), there are six mandatory subjects, three seminar papers for three elective subjects and also the obligatory participation on one of the international conferences in area of International Business Administration and  publishing one science article in area of International Business Administration in recognised magazine.
      There are also the way of lecturing, scoring and evaluation of students as well as the assigned readings.
6. At the end of the study students write and present a PhD thesis with the help of their mentors.
7.The following are the names of professors who will hold classes on master study:


  • Claudio Vignali Leeds University UK
  • Barry Davies University of Gloucestershire UK
  • Bernd Britzlemaier Pforzheim University Germany
  • Leo Dana Canterbury University New Zealand
  • Hans Rudiger Kaufmann University of Nicosia Cyprus
  • Dominique Roland Gerber Chur University of Applied Sciences HTW SUI
  • Gianpaolo Basile University of Salerno Italy
  • Graham Orange Emeritus reader Leeds UK
  • Antonio Feraco Nan yang University Singapore
  • Tomasz Wisniewski Szczecin University Poland
  • Juergen Polke Gloucestershire university/German office
  • Enrico Bonetti the University 2 Naples Italy
  • Paul Elmer UCLAN UK
  • George Lodorfos Leeds Met University UK

Visiting Professors


  • Tahir Rashid Salford University UK
  • Bernd Hallier European Retail Academy Germany
  • Alberto Mattiacci University of Rome Italy
  • John Peters Leeds UK
  • Gianpaolo Vignali Manchester University UK
  • Daniela Ryding UCLAN UK
  • David Pollard Leeds met University UK
  • Edyta Rudawska  Szcsecin University Poland
  • Stephen Henderson Leeds Met University UK
  • Alexandra Kenyon Leeds Met University UK
  • Katarzyna Byrka-Kita Szczecin University Poland
  • Iga Rudawska University Szczecin Poland
  • Aftab Dean University of Leeds met UK


8. Classes, assigned readings, examinations and all the communication are in English language by the principle of Distance Learning (D.L.).
9. Students sign a Contract of study with University which determines the international rights and obligations as well as the amount of compensation.
10. Contact persons:

Coordinator for international PhD study on english language on DL principles
Siniša Dukić
e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+38730 509-767


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