Rector's introductory remarks

Dear colleagues,
Our University provides you with the opportunity to earn a degree through distance learning (DL). Distance learning studies are entirely organised in accordance with the curriculum designed for full-time study programmes. Upon completion, students are awarded diplomas that are equivalent to diplomas awarded to full-time students. The only difference between distance learning studies and full-time studies is in class attendance: full-time students are expected to be regular in class attendance, while DL students attend classes by means of the Internet, information technology and University web site at any time and distance. Students are only obliged to personally sit for exams.
The advantages of distance learning:  
1. Studying at your own pace- students go over study materials at their own pace and as many times as they want,
2.Time for studying- all study materials are available for students through our web site 24 hours a day, seven days a week,
3.Place for studying- home, work, etc., depending on the location of your computer,
4.Studying individually- students can study individually and fulfil other student obligations,
5.Practical work with a number of different technologies, and
6.Maintaining contact with teachers and assistants (e-mail, phone, etc.)  
Distance learning study programmes are available at three faculties:
1.Faculty of Business Economics (six study programmes)
2.Faculty of Business Informatics (three study programmes)
3.Faculty of Law (two study programmes)
More information on each study programme and curriculum may be found at the University web site.
The first year of distance learning studies starts in 2010/2011, and enrolment in the next study year will be performed in the following year.
More information on distance learning, scoring, examinations, assessments and study metrics may be found in the Rules of the first cycle of studies, Articles 55 and 56.
Students have at their disposal:
-    Syllabus,
-    30 lectures (lessons), each lecture lasts 30 minutes (audio and video recordings)
-    List of seminar paper topics and titles,
-    List of essay/case study topics and titles,
-    Examination schedule, paper submission deadlines, and
-    Literature
However, distance learning studies are limited by study metrics, i.e. schedule of lectures. Students simultaneously prepare study materials and take examinations in two subjects within 45 days. Upon successful completion, students simultaneously study the next two subjects.  After the termination date, subjects are removed from the distance learning system and new examination terms are set during September and October. All relevant practices (enrolment, writing a final thesis, vocational practice, semester verification, etc.) are conducted in accordance with the Rules of the first cycle of studies compliant to the Bologna principles (1st to 3rd year of study and 1st to 4th year of study.
Dear colleagues, I wish you every success with your distance learning studies.

University Rector


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