Why study with us

•    Because our educational concepts are based on the European standards realised through permanent scoring and assessments, study organisation, didactic methods and contemporary curricula,
•    Because our practice is based on the most excellent experiences and traditions of the European universities along with the implementation of all reform principles of the Bologna process,
•    Because students get highly motivated through interactive work with small groups and have highpass rates based on their knowledge and activities,
•    Because courses/subjects are taught during one semester and students pass them successfully by taking examinations, holding oral presentations, attending exercises, and writing seminar papers and case studies during one semester,
•    Because students, in accordance with their preferences and interests, may in dependently decide on a part of elective subjects what, further more, enables them to easily learn particular subjects that interest them more,
•    Because students’ mobility provides students with the opportunity to attend lectures and take examinations at any university in Europe during one or two semesters,
•    Because students can choose the mode of study that suits the mand their circumstances best, i.e. full-time, part-time, work and study, distance learning
•    Because after completing undergraduate studies (three years of study), students can continue their education by enrolling in graduate/Master’s programmes (two years of study-Master’s thesis writing and defence included) and doctoral study programmes (three years of study- writing and defence of the doctoral dissertation included)
•    and, finally, because students acquire knowledge and skills that are prerequisites for getting better work opportunities in short time, and these are guaranteed by the University high rank and good image, as well as academic stuff employed, i.e. full and visiting professors.


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