Students rights and responsibilities

The University students enjoy the freedom of speech, assembly and association in accordance with the law. Students are entitled to question and test received knowledge, to offer new ideas, controversial or unpopular opinions, with out the risk of losing their status, or other privileges enjoyed with in the University.
Students have the right to use all the space available at the University “Vitez” for specific types of work and activities. Further more, students may participate in all aspects of teaching, external, elective, facultative and extra curricular activities regard less of their student status, or type and branch of study.
Students are responsible for any breach of their responsibilities in accordance with the Regulations on Disciplinary Responsibility of Students that provide fair and impartial mechanisms for resolving disciplinary issues.
For less serious violation of responsibilities, disciplinary measures of 'warning' or 'reprimand' are imposed upon students. For serious violation of responsibilities, disciplinary measures of 'severe reprimand' or 'exclusion' from the University “Vitez” for the period of one year are imposed upon students.
The University Student Union is an association of student organisations at the Faculties and other organisations of the University.
The University Student Parliament is the highest representative body of students representing the Student Union, and it consists of elected student representatives of the University faculties.
In order to completely represent the interests and needs of the University students, the Student Union and the Student Parliament establish groups, commissions and forums whose function, number and composition are defined in the Rules of the University Student Union. Then number and composition of the Student Parliament is also defined in the Statute of the Student Union.


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