Rector’s introductory remarks

Pursuant to Article 128 of the statute of the University “Vitez”, the decision on forming the club for advanced study programme members was made by the Senate of the University in its meeting of 25 June 2010.
Although engagement with gifted and talented students started back in 2008, the club for advanced study programme members was officially formed at the Faculty of Business Economics in 2010. In 2011, the Club members, by applying the method of brain storming, proposed a new name - ANSA (Asocijacija naprednih studenata Sveučilišta/Univeziteta „Vitez“- association of advanced students at the University “Vitez”). Upon the Senate’s decision, the club for advanced study programme members was formed and the members made the proposal to change its name into ANSA- Asocijacija naprednih studenata Sveučilišta/Univeziteta „Vitez“ / association of advanced students at the University “Vitez”. In its decision, the Senate stated precisely that ANSA ought to be reorganised and positioned as the association of gifted and talented students at the University “Vitez”, and that the clubs for advanced students, led by newly appointed mentors, ought to be formed at all Faculties of the University.

  1.  Motives and aims of ANSA-   Association of Advanced Students at the University “Vitez” in Vitez (here in after: ANSA)
    -    ANSA is formed in order to provide additional prosperous education and training for its members,
    -    ANSA’s aims are the development and realisation of additional educational activities by which its members would be given the opportunity to acquire wider and high-quality knowledge in specific fields that are not included in full-time study programmes,
    -    ANSA’s aims are constant communication and cooperation with other universities in B&H and abroad in order to enable its members to acquire additional education and to connect with students in other countries- hence,  to implement the basic principles of the Bologna declaration,
    -    ANSA’s activities are focused on creating a permanent image and brand of the University “Vitez” in Vitez.
  2.  ANSA’s activites:
    -    Participation in different competitions at both the domestic and international levels,
    -    Development of professional debates that are not included in full-time study programmes,
    -    Organisation of debates, round tables, etc.,
    -    Visits to other institutions,
    -    Organisation of lectures,
    -    Promotion and development of challenges related to the professional development of the University students and secondary school students.
  3.  Organisation of ANSA- organisational scheme (organisational units and bearers of activities according to functional principles):
    -    ANSA functions as the University- level student association, with organisational units of all faculties that are formed according to the functional organisational scheme.
    -    Each organisational unit of ANSA may be arranged as follows:
    -    Clubs formed for each study programme,
    -    Groups made on the basis of cognate courses/subjects, or on the basis of an individual course/subject- area.
    -    The Faculty organisational unit is led by a mentor (teaching assistant), and his/her deputy (teaching assistant).
    -    Mentors and their deputies are appointed by the Teaching Scientific Council of each Faculty upon the proposal made by the University Rector and the Coordinator/Head of ANSA at the University level.
    -    The Coordinator/Headof ANSA is appointed by the University Rector.
  4.  Assistance to ANSA’s performance
    -    The Faculty deans, the University Rectorand CEO provide main assistance to ANSA’s performance
    -    The Faculty deans should assist ANSA’s performance by giving ideas and taking initiative, as well as by supporting and following ANSA’s activities
    -    The Teaching Scientific Council should revise the Activity Completion Report and Activity Plans for the next period/semester at least once during the current semester
    -    Additional assistance to clubs and groups should be provided by corresponding departments and study programmes of the Faculties, or by teachers and assistants mentoring groups formed on the basis of an individual subject/course- area.
    -    Being the University-level student association, ANSA is coordinated by the Council whose members are appointed by the University Rector. The Council members have the following responsibilities:
    -    to revise and adopt Activity Plans,
    -    to revise and adopt Activity Completion Reports,
    -    to discuss other relevant issues related to ANSA’s performance.
    -    Upon the proposal made by the Coordinator/Head of ANSA, the University Rectorand CEO decide on ANSA’s participation in activities such as different student competitions, conferences, consultations, etc.
  5.  ANSA’s ActivityPlans
    -    At the beginning of each school year ANSA adopts its activity plan, in prior consultation with the University Rector, Faculty Deans and CEO of the University “Vitez”.
    -    Upon the expiration and completion of each planned cycle, the Coordinator/Head of ANSA and his/her assistants / mentors representing each Faculty draw up and revise ANSA Activity Completion Report, and deliver the Report to the Rector and the University Senate.


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