Sales and selling techniques

  1. Sales and selling techniques
    1. Training aims: Improvement of sales and selling techniques in companies,
    2. Training is designed for: company managers, sales managers, sales assistants,
    3. Training contains the following parts:

1.1.Five steps of Sales Process and Selling Techniques

A sale is one of the most important functions in all companies and as such it represents the process consisting of several stages.

The training programme includes: definition of sales, evaluation of sales, relationship between sales and marketing (sales and marketing alignment and integration), product categories, consumers today, sales preparation, basic steps of preparation, five steps of sales process (1. Condition assessment, 2.Identifying needs, 3. Present solutions, 4. Overcoming objections, 5.Closing and implementing the sale), after-sales service.

1.2.Merchandising standards and rules for positioning

It is of crucial importance to encourage awareness of product appearance on the shelves, recognize our influence on consumer awareness, and understand brand marketing strategies and the positions of key customers.  

The training programme includes the following units: reflection on the market during the 80’s, 90’s and today, analysing consumers and their habits, three basic product categories, distribution, customers, shelves for displaying products, displays, point of purchase (POP), price, product positioning, what affects strategy formation, basic categories of products and merchandising standards, the impact of merchandising on profitability, merchandising and product positioning.

1.3.Customer care

The emphasis is placed upon raising awareness and understanding that the relationship with customers is not short-term but long-term process and, as such, it includes all stages from preparation to maintaining relationships.

The training programme includes the following units: the importance of customer care as well as of the mission statement, learning about our customers, the strategy of customer care, effective communication techniques, models for building customer trust, after-sales service, customer relationship management, customer retention.


  1. Training methodology:

The following methodology will be used:

  • Concise and short oral presentation on basic concepts,
  • Brainstorming and group discussions.


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