Human Resources

  1. Human Resources
    1. Training aims: Point out that the success of a company depends not only on material resources, but also on people who work in the company.
    2. Training is designed for: corporate managers, and all Human Resources managers,
    3. Training contains the following parts:

3.1.Workplace and payments

This part of training is aimed at defining work positions within a company, comparison of technical and soft skills, and creation of company’s payroll system.

The training programme includes the following units: work position analysis, technical and soft skills, categorisation of positions in a department/company, determining the level of ‘difficulty’ of certain work positions, searching for employees (what to look for, types of interviews, interview questions), types of employee evaluation, evaluation periods, feedback tools and payroll system monitoring, motivation, HR development.

3.2.Inventory management = cash management

This part of training is aimed at raising awareness about the importance of inventory management, the role of procurement department in overall process, and models of building partnerships among stakeholders.

The training programme includes the following units: defining the role of procurement department, steps for planning inventory management, 10 basic strategies for inventory management, three basic models of stakeholder relationships, stages in the process of building relationships, networking with stakeholders, process development, obstacles (listening and questioning techniques), five steps for business visits (background findings, own observations,required information, initial statement, necessary resources).



Training methodology:

The following methodology will be used:

  • Concise and short oral presentation on basic concepts,
  • Brainstorming and group discussions.


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