Institute activities

The Institute is a scientific research organisation of the University “VITEZ” without the status of a legalentity.

The main task of the Institute is to perform scientific research activities, and other activities related to the area of economics, law, informatics and health care defined by these Regulations. These are as follows:

  1. Economics
  • Development of regional and local economic development strategies,
  • Development of cross-border cooperation and regional integration projects,
  • Exploring the market and possibilities to improve market positions and performance in the market,
  • Exploration of customer/consumer satisfaction,
  • Analysis of internal and external business surroundings,
  • Development of business plans and feasibility studies,
  • Improvement of management and corporative strategies,
  • Development of company restructure programmes,
  • Introducing innovative programmes of products/services and productive and service processes,
  • Organisation and process designs in the private and public sectors,
  • Improvement of HR management system,
  • Introducing ISO standards incompanies, public services and administrative bodies,
  • Participation in introducing halal standards in the business sector,
  • Providing consulting services for private and public sectors,
  • Providing consulting services in the area of manufacturing, entrepreneurship, trade, banking, finance, insurance, accounting, tourism, public administration, etc.
  1. Law
  • Streamlining the legislative process and the process of making subsidiary legislation,
  • Organisation adjustment and drafting of normative acts in public services and public enterprises,
  • Organisation and normative regulation of municipal and local government,
  • Organisation and functioning of inspection organs,
  • Legal aidservices in the process of the establishment of companies, agencies and NGOs,
  • Drafting ethical codes for economic agents,
  • Managing legal affairs of economic agents,
  • Legal aidservices in arbitrations and other alternative disputere solution mechanisms in B&H,
  • Providing consulting services in all areas of law.
  1. Informatics
  • Development of a comparative analysis of the possibilities and optimal choice of information technology and equipment (previous analysis, PA),
  • Development of a feasibility study of technical systems including information technology and equipment (feasibility study of system development/upgrade),
  • Development of conceptual design of information systems,
  • Development of main projects of information systems,
  • Development of performance projects of information systems,
  • Implementation, testing and commissioning of information systems,
  • Integration of complex technical systems consisting of several information subsystems,
  • Supervision of the realisation of information systems,
  • Technical expertise in the domain of applied information technologies,
  • Technical consulting in the domain of applied information technologies,
  • Designand development of Web 2.0 contemporary business applications (e-commerce, e-banking, e-administration, etc.).
  1. Health Care
  • Exploring the health needs of specific population groups and vulnerable groups (children, people with disabilities, the elderly, marginalized groups, war victims, etc.),
  • Exploring nutrition and environmental hygiene,
  • Exploring risk factors to health,
  • Health care market research,
  • Health care economics research,
  • Exploring the functioning of primary care/family medicine systems,
  • Organisational design of health care facilities,
  • Organisational design of the Centre for Health Improvement (fitness centres, etc.),
  • Developing health care programmes for specific population groups (health care measures, etc.),
  • Developing Health Education programmes,
  • Consulting services in the area of health care marketing, economics, organisation and management.


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