Members of the Senate

In accordance with Article 127 of the University Statute, the following are the Senate members who are confirmed and admitted at the meeting of the Senate held on the12th of February 2010:

  • The President of the Senate
  1. Prof.dr. Mirko Puljić , Rector of the University
  • Vice-Rectors
  1. Prof. dr. Kadrija Hodžić, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs
  • The Faculty of Business Economics
  1. Prof.dr. Jusuf Kumalić, Dean of the Faculty of Business Economics
  2. Prof. dr. Željko Baroš
  3. Doc.dr. Edin Arnaut
  • The Faculty of Law
  1. Prof.dr. Mile Matijević,v.d. Dean of the Faculty of Law
  • The Faculty of Business Informatics
  1. Prof.dr. Lazo Roljić, Dean of the Faculty of Business Informatics
  2. Doc. dr. Hadžib Salkić
  • The Faculty of Health Care
  1. Prof.dr. Ratko Juričić, Dean of the Faculty of Health Care
  2. Ass Jasmina Marušić
  • The Institute of the University
  1. Amra Kraksner, graduate engineer, OIC Director of the Institute
  • Quality Assurance Centre
  1. Doc. dr Jamila Jaganjac, Director of the Centre
  • Education and Career Centre
  1. Doc.dr. Ramiz Kikanović,Director of the Centre
  • Students:
  1. Marko Lovrinović, 1st cycle of studies
  2. Vanja Kovač, 2nd cycle of studies
  3. Mr. Kemo Čamdžija, 3rd cycle of studies


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