Scientific activities

Scientific activities at the University are performed in accordance with the laws, the annual scientific research programmes and long-term scientific research programmes.

    Scientific research programmes determine individual research programmes, scientific tasks, research duration, research methods and team formations in the areas of science.

    Scientific research programmes contribute to the training of personnel and to the direct inclusion of youth in scientific researches.

In the framework of scientific activities, the University Senate:

•    follows the development of science and coordinates the study programmes with the scientific achievements;
•    encourages the development of talented students for scientific research;
•    achieves and encourages scientific collaboration in the country and abroad;
•    provides equipment , as well as scientific and information documents;
•    decides on the organization of scientific meetings;
•    takes other measures and activities for the systematic promotion of scientific researches;
•    performs other duties related to the implementation of the University scientific activities. 



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