Functional Units

Activities performed by functional units existing within the University are:
•    Library is responsible for the systematic collection of materials from scientific fields complementing the focal area of the University and provides access to relevant professional electronic media and databases. Library workers provide efficient and transparent access to all publications of scientific and research work for all students and employees of the University.

•    Information & Communication Technologies and Distance Learning centre is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the University information system and Web portal, construction of educational facilities for Distance Learning System, development of external reengineering software projects, Web and graphic design, Internet operations. Also, the centre supports the implementation of the University as ECDL test and education centre.

•    Publishing Centre provides logistics, documentation and legal support in the preparation of the University Press issues (textbooks, professional and scientific books) within the University registered licenses as publishing house. It includes processing and provision of ISBN codes, printing activities, copying books and other publications in digital printing of the University. Also, the Proceedings for each Faculty are being published.

    Publishing Centre will systematically publish (in paper and electronic edition) graduate and specialist papers, master theses and doctoral dissertations of students, teachers and associates of the University.

•    Institute of the University works on professional and scientific projects/ elaborates and provides consultations on the profitable basis.

•    Education and Career Guidance Centre develops databases of intellectual and professional student abilities, modules of theoretical and practical knowledge they have received, and establishes skills they have learned in order to facilitate organized and systematic mediation in helping the promotion of students to best companies and institutions. It also helps in the organization of working practice and further student education and employment in the country and abroad. In the field of education development, this Centre provides education services to companies and institutions, and organizes panels, roundtables, consultations, conferences, etc. on the profitable basis.

•    Center for Public Relations provides student engagements in PR activities in the form of internal practices. In the framework of this centre, students are provided with the possibility of editing their own periodical magazine.

•    Sports Centre provides students with sports and recreational activities on the basis of completed questionnaires (fitness, tennis, swimming, sports, etc.) for which financial and technical support is provided by the University. The University also provides systematic training and support for teams and competitions.


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